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Puncture Sealant

The Tyrol puncture sealant we use is a blend of fibres and gums held in suspension in a water-based liquid.

25 litre drums use a high pressure pump that forces the Tyrol into an inflated tyre. The dosage for each tyre size is printed on the drum.

When a puncture occurs, Tyrol will pass through the hole, instantly and permanently plugging it. As the Tyrol tries to get through the hole a physical and chemical reaction causes the fibres to come out of suspension and form a plug. Tyrol will seal holes up to 16mm in diameter in large tyres. This plugging action uses very little Tyrol, enabling other punctures to be plugged during the life of the tyre.

The Tyrol formula ensures the sealant maintains a liquid solution throughout the life of the tyre. It is water-based with added antifreeze, bactericide, fungicide, and rust inhibitors to further enhance its working ability; benefitting both the tyre and wheel life.

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