Green Bedding Separator Green Bedding Separator

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Green Bedding

At the heart of green bedding is the Bauer separator that produces the dry fibrous bedding material from the manure.

These are Screw Press units but due to the higher pressures required to take the DM to a higher level (up to 36%) Bauer designed a Green Bedding range that uses their Industrial Fan technology, specifically constructed to take the much greater pressures needed to produce the higher DM material required for the bedding material.

These are still compact units that work in exactly the same way:

Slurry is pumped into the unit and immediately the liquid fraction starts passing through the screen into the collection chamber/chute to be pumped away to larger storage or flushing tank/s – particle sizes larger than the screens void size are left in the unit.

As the slurry progressively dewaters, the short auger starts transporting this continuously thickening slurry (plug) towards the outlet. The plug’s discharge is restricted by an adjustable spring-loaded or weighed flap system that controls the compaction/dewatering as the auger forces the plug through the outlet and drop onto the bedding material storage.

The dry product coming off these units is the required 36% DM.

This Product is manufactured by Bauer – FeedChamp is a UK dealer of all Bauer equipment.


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