pvc-abs-pipework pvc-abs-pipework


A Huge and very comprehensive range of solvent weld and threaded, fittings, Valves and Pipe in PVC and ABS, both metric and imperial with sizes going up to 16”/400mm.

The pipes are rigid, supplied in either 5 or 6 metre lengths.

PVC is generally ideal for most agri. applications:

  • it is quick and easy to install,
  • low cost,
  • does not corrode, 
  • carries liquids up 50c
  • will cater for pressures up to 16bar (230PSI).  

PVC can only be used for liquids (not compressed air) and should not be exposed to sunlight and sub-zero temperatures for long periods of time as this will affect its properties and performance – simply lagging will combat this.

PVC is also available in Ring-Seal (Push-fit) for both pressure and drainage.

ABS has very similar properties to PVC but is a higher specification in terms of duty.

Although it is still a solvent weld and threaded system, air and higher temperatures (up to 70c) can be conveyed safely. Again, lagging external pipework is recommended.

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