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Plastic Storage Tanks

A very large and comprehensive range of high quality vertical and horizontal plastic tanks for above and below ground applications that covers most liquid (and some dry) storage needs.
Made from a UV stable Polyethylene (PE) polymer that enables them to be sited inside or outside in the elements. Their very smooth and non porous surfaces make them perfect for easy cleaning and storing liquids hygienically, even up to a maximum 40deg.C.
Supplied in many different colours: Black, Green, Yellow, Blue and Natural (a translucent white) – other colours can be supplied upon request. Different colours serve 3 general purposes: tanks can blend into the sites surroundings, quick simple product/tank recognition and translucent white (natural) enables easy level indication at a glance.
These tanks will not corrode, ever, and due the nature of the material and the manufacturing process, rotational moulding, they have extremely smooth, non-porous surfaces with no nasty areas that could hold-up the stored products – cone and sump outlet tanks will evacuate 100% of the stored product.
Due to the tanks relative light weight, even the largest 30 tonne capacity vertical tank does not require a crane to off-load and site in position; general farm tele-porters or forklifts can be used. We will advise tank weights, sizes and any pre-moulded lifting aides on the tank, enabling you to decide whether a hired crane is required.

Above-ground Vertical This range has 4 options, flat & coned bottom, open and closed top – Coned bottom evacuate 100% of the stored liquid.

 Flat bottom – closed top 22 sizes:
150 – 30,000L
Flat bottom – open top:
Cone bottom – closed top:
13deg. 13,000, 17,000L
15deg. 4,200, 5,200, 6,299L
30deg. 1,360, 2,770L
45deg. 4,900, 5,700L
60deg. 1,600, 3,150L
Cone bottom – open top:
15deg. 4,200, 5,200, 6,200L
30deg. 2,770L
45deg. 4,900, 5,800L
60deg. 3.150L

Range/Sizes for above-ground Horizontal Tanks: This range has 2 options: Rectangular/space-saving and horizontal tanks, with 2 further options of a standard and sump outlet for the horizontal range.
The sump outlet tanks will evacuate 100% of the stored liquid.
Although the horizontal range is free-standing, we supply steel frames for mounting these tanks onto trailers/vehicles that incorporates a robust pin anchoring system.

Horizontal – Standard (12 sizes):
500 – 13,000 litres
Horizontal – with sump outlet (14 sizes):
100 – 8,000 litres

Rectangular/space-saving(9 sizes):
240 – 5,000 litres

Range/Sizes for below-ground horizontal Tanks: This range is specifically designed to be installed underground, cylindrically shaped with hooped strengthening ribs, they do not require a concrete surround.
Access Hatch options for standard and 5 tonne.
4,400, 7,000, 9,500 litre

Options available for high Specific Gravity (SG) products and different outlet sizes.

Click below for specific Tank configurations in printable PDF’s:

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