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Plastic Slats

There are many plastic slats offered, some good and some not so, and over the years it has evolved that generally the well-known branded ones are the one to go for but boy you pay for them. It’s a fact, that it costs virtually the same to produce a good slat as it does a not so good one, so why are the branded ones so much more expensive? Simple, because they can. So what’s the difference, again its simple: design, material and the quality of the manufacturing process as well as the the machinery that make them.

Our whole range of plastic slats tick all your boxes, they are well designed, made from top quality materials (polypropylene), and the machinery and manufacturing process (injection moulding) is the best you can get – but on top of all that, they are at the right price.

They’re a fit for purpose agri. Product – and to back this up; they come with a 10 year warranty.

Our plastic slats cover three general areas, weaner/grower  penning areas and two types for Farrowing sows in the crate area – zero void for the teat area and std void at the front and rear.

We offer a comprehensive range of glass-fibre protrusion support beams and up-rights for our range plastic and cast slats, various sizes and profiles to cater for different pig weights and spans.

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