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Walling System
Heavy Duty 53mm System

These 53mm thick panels are made in two halves from high density Polyethylene (HDPE) by a high pressure (3,200 tonnes) injection moulding process.

Each 28mm half is then fusion welded together that produces a hermetically sealed, incredibly strong and remarkably rigid panel. The strength and relative lightness (11kg/m2) of these panels comes from a complex webbing design across the 53mm thickness.

Due to the clever manufacturing method, this walling system can be supplied in sheets up to a huge 2.4m x 13.5m or made to your exact size requirement and for large areas, for example: corridors/full height walls etc. and with an option for tongue and groove edges is available.

All the external faces, including all edges, are flat and smooth on factory supplied made-to-measure sizes. Although cutting on site will expose the webbing structure on that edge, it will only expose to the depth of next web, not affecting the hermitically sealed properties of the panel in any way.

The rigidity of these panels make them idea, not just for pen partitioning for all pigs and full height walls & corridors, but for fully furnished doors (even with windows fitted) – the doorway is simply cut-out or supplied ready for installation.

This system can be manufactured in: white, green, blue and grey. Experience has shown that grey is the preferable choice in areas in contact with livestock for ascetic reasons. Other areas, large full height walls/corridors etc. can even have a mix of colours, for example, a 2.4m high corridor could have the lower first meter in blue and the upper area in white.

We also supply a complete range of fixings, in either galvanised or stainless steel, not just to attach the panels together, but for door/gate fixings/hinges and handles.

Installation of this system can be fast, up to 80m2 per hour.

Two further options are available for this product:

Re-cycled material: This walling system can be made from re-cycled HDPE (recycling the off-cuts generated during the manufacturing process) that has virtually no detrimental effect of the panel’s inherent qualities. Please note that we can only offer this lower cost option in grey.

Cladding: Before the two 28mm halves are fused together, these single faced panels can be made to your exact size requirement, as with the double sided 53mm panels, making them perfect as a robust cladding system.

These Panels are manufactured by Aufenacker-Germany

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