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A flushing system consists of six parts: Valves; Controller; Tank; Pipework; Pumps and Separator.

Valves:  Installed underground in various versions: walk-on rising/pop-up lid; full width grated gully and in-wall/curb mounted, made from either stainless steel or galvanised steel. Designed to open and close very fast by compressed air, that holds the valve closed and is exhausted to open, either: manually with a small 1/4 turn valve or an electrical solenoid for automatic or switch operation.

Controller: The whole operation can be fully automated to control the flush times/duration, monitor header tank level (for replenishment) and collection pit/tank level (for emptying), as well as separator running – or part or all can be operated manually . We can offer or advise on bespoke control as required.

Tanks: As water head is important for the systems optimum performance, we generally use vertical tanks unless the sites terrain allows horizontal. The tank/s volume is calculated by the water capacity requirement for a flush time that could be a number or all flush area to be cleaned. See our storage tank section for options.

Pipework: To give the high volumes of flow required, we used 315mm pressure rated PVC, either solvent weld or ring seal. See our pipework section for options.

Pumps: Centrifugal pumps are perfect for transferring both the dung laden flush water as well as header tank recycling. See our pump and slurry transfer/agitation section for options.

Separator: Run-down or Screw-press separators work equally well for flushing. See our separation section for options.


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