Slurry-Transfer-Mixing Slurry-Transfer-Mixing

Transfer and Agitation

Basically, two pieces of handling equipment are required to pump and agitate slurry, aptly named Pumps and Mixers, but as farm size, location and management preferences determine the slurry storage type (lagoon, above or below ground tanks) and their size, this equipment needs to able to be cater for these.

Pumps: With high volume and comparatively low head (pressure) requirements, centrifugal pumps are ideal for most pumping duties and these come in two types: end suction and submersible.

Both types are electric motor driven with PTO options for end suction, as well as varying unit sizes and mounting types for specific needs.

Mixers: Relatively small propeller, fast spinning mixers are used that deliver an aggressive localised mixing action that is perfect for agitating these large volumes effectively in a short period of time.

Options for an electric motor driven, frame mounted submersible unit that has a clever surface controlled adjustable tilt and rake system. There are also various versions of surface entry units, PTO and electric motor drive that are either frame or tractor mounted. 

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