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Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pumping principle is a simple operation of an impeller rotating at high speed in a chamber that increases the liquids speed and pressure with centrifugal force, generally known as end suction pumps.

This principle requires the pump to be lower than the storage vessel it is pumping from (flooded). If it is not possible (the pump is higher), foot valves/none return valve and/or an addition volume chambers can be fitted on the suction side to enable the pump to have liquid in the impeller chamber at the start of pumping. Self Priming Pumps have these parts incorporated.

Submersible pumps tend to be centrifugal, where the whole pump unit is within the liquid it is pumping.

Generally, only free running liquids can be pumped but this pump type offers high flow-rates at reasonable pressures, making them idea for many agri. applications and for high output duites, multi stage units are also available.

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