Rainwater Harvesting Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

A full range of equipment for all harvesting systems – big and small.

Equipment specifically designed for rainwater collection in various sizes to cater for varying capacities

Filters: Removes debris and small particles picked up off the roofs and cutter systems before the water enters the storage tank/s. Five units sizes,  catering for roof areas of up to 800 square metres – multiple units are used on larger areas.

These virtually maintenance free units, depending on throughput, only need cleaning out a minimum of twice a year.

Although this is personal preference, we recommend their use as the stored water quality is dramatically improved.

Skimmer/Overflow: This 110mm overflow unit combines a wide mouthed inlet that removes floating particles (pollen for example) when the tank level reaches the overflow point.

Calmed Inlet: This 110mm unit enables the rainwater water to enter the storage tank at the bottom without disturbing any sediment and helps oxygenate the water.

Tanks, pumps and pipework required can be viewed under their own sections on this site.

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