FRP-Beam FRP-Beam

Supports and accessories

All these products are made from materials that are designed to last and will not corrode:

Fibre Glass (GRP) Beams: A comprehensive range of varying sizes from 60mm to 135mm in height to cater for different spans and pig weights. These Beams are made from an GPR pultrusion process that makes them exceptionally strong and none-corrosive, and with the web profile at the bottom, they are able to sit straight onto a block wall or slot into our wall stands.

Beam Support Leg: An upright support leg system designed to support the weight on long spans without the need of building expensive peers or walls. The foot and top anchor are made from plastic and the upright rod from extruded GRP. At installation, the height adjustment is achieved by cutting the upright to length with a hacksaw or similar.

Anchor Points: A plastic moulded insert containing a M8 Stainless Steel female thread – cleverly designed to slot into the underside of our slats to enable equipment to be securely fixed – for example: feeders; crates; walling supports etc.

Wall Stand: A Plastic moulded foot that slots over the bottom web profile of our Beams to provide extra stability, ensuring the Beam remains upright.

End Cap Insert: To give that finishing touch – this Plastic moulded insert fills the slats interlocking void that is left open on the end slat, against a wall or similar.

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