FarmChamp Products

Broken-down into products groups, many of these products can be put together to create a complete system, for example:

Farrowing sow penning:
Walling 35mm
Plastic and/or Cast slats
Farrowing crates


We can quote, not just for specific pieces of equipment, but complete installations: on a supply only basis; an installation overseeing basis or a fully installed basis. If we do not show the product you require contact us and we will try to help.

  • Machinery

    A range of useful equipment for vehicles and to provide a one-stop shop related to our other products.

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    farmchamp machinery
  • Green Bedding

    With farming’s relentless pursuit for efficiency, livestock welfare and being green - Green Bedding is the perfect fit. Using the free, never ending supply of the dry fraction from the manure as a cow bedding material now sounds obvious but…

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    farmchamp slurry handling
  • Housing

    A range of equipment for kitting out your livestock buildings: for refurbishment of existing housing as well as new. Although most of these products cover pigs housing, our walling systems can cover most agri. needs Broken-down into specific equipment types,…

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    Weaner Houses
  • Pumps

    Different liquids and applications require different pump types, sizes and material construction, from simple water transfer through to high viscous, thick and abrasive liquids. Ranges manufactured in Cast Iron, Stainless Steel and Bronze – centrifugal for general liquids and positive…

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    Farmchamp pumps
  • Pipework

    A complete range for all your pipework needs, covering both plastic (flexible and rigid) and metal (galvanised and Stainless Steel). Plastic range:  Rigid Pipe and fittings - PVC and ABS in solvent-weld, threaded and Valves; PE Compression/push-fit Flexible Hose - PVC,…

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    Farmchamp pipework
  • Rainwater Harvesting

    The UK has an average annual rainfall of just over 1 metre (1 tonne) - most runs-off unutilised ending up back in the sea. If some of this water could be collected and used on farm, just imagine the potential…

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    Farmchamp rainwater harvesting
  • Slurry and Manure

    A large and comprehensive range of products for slurry management for all livestock. Although we cover most areas for handling your slurry we do not offer products for storage and covers. Our range covers: Dung removal from floors with flushing…

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  • Storage Tanks

    A large and comprehensive range of high quality plastic and GPR tanks, covering most liquid (and some dry) storage needs. Flat and Cone bottom -  vertical and horizontal - above and below ground. We do not offer steel tanks for…

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