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Flushing sends a large volume of water in a short period time down a passageway or channel to remove animal dung.

A very simple concept of header tank/s sited at the highest point of the system that are connected to large bore pipework, which in turn is connected to valves mounted at the top of each passage/channel to be flushed. To maximise the systems effectiveness (high water flow), Vertical tank/s are used with a total capacity exceeding the flush volume requirement for that time. The connecting 315mm PVC pipework is routed underground to feed each to air controlled valves, again mounted underground.

The flush areas (passages/channels) require a gradient of 2-4% to give optimal dung remove in as shorter time as possible – normally a few second burst of water is sufficient, sending a 75mm high wave of water down the flush area taking any animal dung with it. This dung laden flushed water is ducted from each flush area into collection pits/tanks and recycled back to the header tank/s after the solids are removed with a separator.

As water for flushing is continuously being added into the system from parlour and dairy wash-down, plate coolers, general wash-down and rainwater harvesting (yard, as well as roof collection), maintaining a useable medium, excessive quantities are routed to the farms liquid fraction slurry store for future land application.

The gentle flushing action that is either operated automatically or manually several times a day (even operating with stock present if desired), removes significantly more dung than any scrapper system, giving far cleaner, less greasy/slippery floors that has proven benefits for cow foot and limb health.

Flushing in the UK is more typical for dairy stock but pig dung removal is commonly used in other areas of the world – under slatted areas as an alternative to storing the slurry under the stock. This dramatically improves in-house air quality, drastically reducing gas levels, like hydrogen sulphide and enables slats to be used with a minimal void below.

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