Slurry and Manure

A large and comprehensive range of products for slurry management for all livestock.

Although we cover most areas for handling your slurry we do not offer products for storage and covers.

Our range covers:

  • Dung removal from floors with flushing systems (we do not offer scrapper equipment).
  • Separation with two different options: Run-down screens and Screw-press.
  • Transfer and agitation equipment.

Clip below for related product details: 

  • picture1 flush » Flushing

    Flushing sends a large volume of water in a short period time down a passageway or channel to remove animal dung. A very simple concept…

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  • slurry-handling-equipment » Transfer and Agitation

    Although raw slurry has a very low dry matter (DM), settling will occur: heavy solids sink to the bottom and the light ones float to…

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  • bauer draw » Separation

    After many years of worldwide research illustrating the many benefits of Slurry separation, the norm. in the UK is less than 50% (much less possibly)…

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