Farmchamp rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

The UK has an average annual rainfall of just over 1 metre (1 tonne) – most runs-off unutilised ending up back in the sea. If some of this water could be collected and used on farm, just imagine the potential savings, on buying in or bore-hole usage.

An easy way to collect this water is from building roofs and farms generally have large roof areas. Taking just one building measuring 25 x 100m could generate 2,500 tonnes of water per year and these figures are huge when you add all the building together.

Although this water has simply fallen from the sky, it could have been contaminated by elements in the atmosphere and bird/similar debris from the roofs and gutter systems, therefore human and animal consumption is not recommended without processing to fully remove any contaminates.

The concept is simple: rain falls on the roof/s and is ducted into collection tank/s via the roofs guttering systems and a series of pipes. The collected (harvested) water either flows via gravity or pumped for usage.

Depending on the terrain and scale of the system, the collection tank/s are either above or below ground and the pump/s (if required) are either inside (submersible) or outside (end suction) the tank/s.

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