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Green Bedding

With farming’s relentless pursuit for efficiency, livestock welfare and being green – Green Bedding is the perfect fit. Using the free, never ending supply of the dry fraction from the manure as a cow bedding material now sounds obvious but doesn’t all simple, good ideas.

Adopted in the USA in the early 90’s known as DMS (Dry Manure Solids), it then moved into mainland Europe in the mid. 00’s as Green Bedding. Now, after over 20 years of being widely used, we are pleased to announce that Bauer are now bringing this concept to the UK and FarmChamp is a dealer.

The key to green bedding working correctly is producing a soft, fibrous bedding material that is consistently dry enough, with a Dry Matter (DM) content of around 36%. Bauer achieve this by using their Fann separator technology (industrial units) that are high pressure units designed specifically for higher DM output.

Green bedding differs from Bedding Recovery Units (BRU). Green bedding is the process before the final drying to around 40%. BRU is more expensive, tending to be adopted by larger farms. BRU bedding material can, and is, generally stored before use whereas green bedding tends to be produced on demand and is applied a day or so after.

Research by Cornell University in the USA and many on farm replications in the USA and mainland Europe prove, that providing green bedding material at around 36% DM does not have any detrimental health issues (mastitis & SCC) over any other bedding material, whether organic or mineral (straw, sawdust and sand), as no matter how dry and sterile the material is at the start, similar bug levels are found very quickly after being used by the cows.


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